Dear lady,

I have prepared a few snippets of some of the texts I have. In my mind, they are like a bouquet of assorted flowers, I could have posted each exclusively but they are much prettier together. In truth, I have been more agile in getting my words out. Lately my thoughts form into words like the way I imagine a two-year old’s do. I find I arrange my feelings with things like ‘Naleli do happiness now’ or ‘make joy not worry’ or ‘want pineapples’ you know, things of that nature. In any case…
• The view from inside the house is interesting. I often pile on vests beneath a heavy coat and scarves. I’ll further layer sock on sock and fill my warmest boots with plumped feet. When stepping out I will find that it is neither grey nor is it chilly outside. I wonder about this a lot: the mind made climate which can possess us to see storm where there is a perfectly sunny day. 
• She was thinking about everything. Do they know I greet butterflies? Do they know I sing to the moon? Where was the sun when we were born? Where were the stars? Did you know that they say where the stars were when we were birthed can tell us the stories of who we are or how we are? Why on earth do we ever feel lost? All the bodies follow their course. A wonder of wanders, revolutions and spins. And the waters, should they rise, flow or fall never do they worry about the moon.

• My birthday was two days ago and on the day before while waiting in an endless queue at the bank I wrote this on a piece of paper. 

 I cannot think of a physical thing that I REALLY want. I only have a prayer and a hope. To always stay hopeful and positive. To always keep believing in miracles. Positivity… belief… the keeping of these things. Maybe that’s where the rest of the things are birthed: happiness, confidence, general kickass-edness, boldness, courage, integrity and the undying ability and act of showing up and showing out for myself. Good things continue to happen. My wish for myself in what might be the slowest moving queue on earth… seriously, it is possible that the first flying car might be launched with me still on this line… my wish is to never forget how great this is or this can be and surely how awesome things will get. I wish to always appreciate my life and the unique set of circumstances (which aren’t always great) that make it my own, mine to be both ruler and subordinate. My heart is open. I am thankful. Many did not make it. Look at me! Look at God!

• If days pass by so swiftly, what does that mean for months and years? What does it mean for lifetimes?
• “Until now Thursday hadn’t seemed quite so threatening.” – Tim Winton

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